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Some mornings there is nothing more warming and welcoming than a bowl of porridge. I remember growing up as a child when morning porridge was on the menu…lets just say we would tend to give mother a hard time. To her great joy, eventually we grew to enjoy it and topped it with the brownest brown sugar, milk and other such non-nutritious foods. My brother loved the packaged ones that had dinosaur eggs that cracked open with the heat of the boiled water. Since those days, things have changed and we enjoy it THM style (ie. not loaded with brown sugar) and I must say it is just as delicious and warming.IMG_4616And not just a bowl of porridge but with coffee! Coffee has been a funny thing for me. Before my THM and married days, I used to drink my coffee with cream and sugar but I could only ever drink 1/4 mug. I never really completely enjoyed my coffee. After meeting my husband-to-be (who drank cream only in his java), there would be times I would finish off his drink. I realized that maybe I didn’t like the coffee with sugar so I went cream only. Since a camping trip we took with our Irish friends, cream was not always ready in the cooler so I drank the rich, strong, dark coffee my friend would make. Now, cream is rare in my coffee, I love it black; although when I do want it creamy, I make the THM sisters Trimmaccino recipe. I absolutely love and recommend it!

The 0% greek yogurt and strawberries give such a great fresh taste. I sweeten the 0% Greek yogurt with THM stevia (1-2 doonks is plenty) and flavor with vanilla as I don’t like the flavor of plain yogurt. I also love to sprinkle truivia or Erythritol over the top, this gives it the sugary texture that the brown sugar used to give. This is a wonderful, simple breakfast to be enjoyed on a cold winter morning!

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