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I made a dish yesterday, Satisfying Cabbage & Beef. With it I made a side dish of mashed butternut squash. I have made a few savory things with butternut squash but yesterday I wanted something sweet to go with the savory Cabbage & Beef.


The pot of butternut squash that I cooked served two purposes. One of which I will post when I take the dish out of the freezer some day to eat. Don’t worry I will fill you in on the recipe when it comes. ūüôā But¬†just so you know,¬†it looked and tastes quite delicious after I did a taste test or two, yum yum! It also involved the cabbage that I cooked so making two meals in one, not bad I say!

…back to the side dish of squash I made last night for dinner though. Sometimes I like to eat sweetened squash and last night that is what I decided to do with one half of the butternut squash I cooked. I peeled, scooped out the seeds, diced and brought a whole butternut squash to a boil, and cooked until tender. I drained most of the water and divided the squash. Half I used for another meal option as mentioned above. (If you are serving a larger family stick with the whole squash. There are only two of us so half a squash was perfect.) The other half I left in the pot, with a little¬†water left in the bottom, added some unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon to taste, 1-2 tsp Sweet Blend, dab of butter and a pinch of salt. You can¬†adjust seasonings to your taste. If you don’t like sweet squash then by all means bypass the Sweet Blend and cinnamon and add more salt, pepper and butter.


I mashed the squash in the pot as best I could but to get a better texture and consistency I transferred it to the blender and let it blend for a minute to get rid of the bigger clumps.IMG_5246

It was quite a delicious and satisfying meal. Kind of like one of those comfort meals. You could do any variety of side vegetables, the squash was lovely though. But remember you can eat all the cabbage you want, so long as you are full and satisfied when you finish!

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