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Sometimes you need a quick and easy dinner to whip up at the end of the day. This is a simple meal, but if seasoned well can be just fine and tasty and great for leftovers ūüôā we all like to have those on hand sometimes!

Last night I made a Cabbage & Beef dinner. My husband was going to be late getting home and I didn’t want something¬†that was going to take much time to prepare. So out with the cabbage and ground beef.

I¬†like to let cabbage cook for quite a while (I’ve heard that a longer cook time helps with the gas issues cabbage can sometimes cause). In the afternoon I cut up half of a cabbage…¬†

IMG_5267         IMG_5268

….along with celery and green peppers and let it soak in water until I was ready to turn it on in the evening. I am not positive what the soaking did, but I did it for convenience sake, that way¬†I just had to turn on the stove top without any bother. As for precutting, I didn’t have to cut everything when I got home from work.

IMG_5271         IMG_5272

I turned the cabbage on about 30/40 mins before dinner but cook time depends on how well cooked you want your cabbage. I brought it to a boil¬†and then let it simmer until I was ready to eat it. Be sure you season the cabbage well, you will end up with a bland meal if you don’t. And no one likes bland. I used salt, pepper, onion/garlic powder, paprika and a touch of dill weed. Spices are a lovely thing, you can use whatever you wish to suit your own taste. I love spices!

Now, for the beef. This is a hard one ūüėČ You¬†can cook the beef whenever you would like: morning, noon or night ūüôā And store it in the fridge until you need it. I cooked¬†the beef¬†a little after¬†I turned on the cabbage to cook for dinner. That way it is warm when you are ready to eat and it doesn’t need to be reheated. Make sure to season the meat well. I like to use salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, creole and anything else that pops out of my spice cabinet.

IMG_5273Then you basically mix the¬†cabbage and beef together!¬†Voila, easy peasy!¬†Once it is all said and done it is quite easy to prepare and serve.¬†Might I add very tasty as well, with spices. I wonder if maybe letting the cabbage soak and not draining the juice adds to the flavor as well. It just may have…I added a sprinkle of cayenne on the top (mostly because I thought the red flakes looked nice haha but it added a nice touch to the taste as well).


Ready for the side dish: Mashed butternut squash РS   

The pot of butternut squash that I cooked served two purposes. One of which I will post when I take the dish out of the freezer some day to eat. Don’t worry I will fill you in on the recipe when it comes. ūüôā But¬†just so you know,¬†it looked and tastes quite delicious after I did a taste test or two, yum yum! It also involved the cabbage that I cooked so making two meals in one, not bad I say!

…back to the squash I made last night for dinner though. Sometimes I like to eat sweetened squash and last night that is what I decided to do with one half of the butternut squash I cooked. I peeled, scooped out the seeds, diced and brought a whole butternut squash to a boil, and cooked until tender. I drained most of the water and divided the squash. Half I used for another meal option as mentioned above. The other half I left in the pot, with a little¬†water left in the bottom, added some unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon to taste, 1-2 tsp Sweet Blend, dab of butter and a pinch of salt. You can¬†adjust seasonings to your taste. If you don’t like sweet squash then by all means bypass the Sweet Blend and cinnamon and add more salt, pepper and butter.


I mashed the squash in the pot as best I could but to get a better texture and consistency I transferred it to the blender and let it blend for a minute to get rid of the bigger clumps.IMG_5246

It was quite a delicious and satisfying meal. Kind of like one of those comfort meals. You could do any variety of side vegetables. But remember you can eat all the cabbage you want, so long as you are full and satisfied when you finish!

One of the best things about this meal was that it was THM friendly and there were LEFTOVERS. So for lunch today I grabbed my prepared plate of delight, made a chilled iced coffee and sat down for another quick and easy meal.


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