BACON and Eggs – S

Okay, I have a thing for bacon. Actually a big thing for bacon! Just ask my husband. I would gladly eat a full meal of bacon. Though it would keep me in S setting alright, it probably is not a realistic long term meal plan.

However, who say’s you can’t have it for breakfast occasionally or more than occasionally! I have done a variety of bacon and egg breakfasts. Here are just a few:

IMG_5349aHere is a basic breakfast, with 3 scrambled eggs and BACON. You can add whatever veggies you wish to add. I just added some diced peppers. I also like to add fried mushrooms and other such veggies for fillers. I usually use Coconut oil, Red Palm Oil or MCT oil to fry my eggs. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I add some bacon grease….

Then there are mornings whereIMG_1857a I like to fry my eggs over easy with BACON. Love the yolk! Not everyone does, I used to think I didn’t like it until I tried it! YUM! This is a very simple breakfast and I admit doesn’t always keep me full for the full three hours but when your mornings get busy and you have things to do the 3 hours between meals can fly by. I try to distract myself if I get a tad hungry.

But, you should try the Trimmaccino!!! Sooo delicious and it has a bit of protein in it so that help keep us ladies full!

IMG_0792aAgain, very basic. 3 scrambled eggs, BACON, and fried zucchini on the side. Make sure you season the zucchini. Of course we can’t forget the coffee on the side. If I am ever in a rush I drink my coffee black. I enjoy it either way. Though, the creaminess of the Trimmaccino is just wonderful. It takes a little more time to prepare but not much!


Who say’s you can’t enjoy a small dessert with you breakfast. I don’t know of another diet that allows this but hey THM is freedom and this little dessert was a fantastic side dish! Over easy eggs, BACON and a quick whip-up of the Trimmaccino. I love my mornings!

The dessert post can be found here.

My apologies for the bad picture…here we have Turkey Bacon and eggs. It’s not my IMG_7302favorite type of bacon but it does the trick and it’s nice for a change once in a while….if you so desire a change from real bacon! That is nutritional yeast sprinkled over the eggs. It gives great flavor!
I will have to post the bacon that we get from a friend of my husband’s (he is now my friend too because he shares his smoked bacon with us!)! It is so amazing!! And I love to savor every bite!

These are just a couple basic Bacon and Egg varieties. Sometime we do poached or sunny side up. I have a post on eggs Benedict coming up soon so you will want to check it out. Everyone loves a great Eggs Benedict breakfast right?

Enjoy your bacon and eggs! Who would have thought it could be deemed healthy 🙂 Such bliss!

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