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After a review that was sent to me from my mother-in-law I decided it was time for me to try these “Wonder” wraps. I was told, in her words “I love them! They are a wonder because they do not crumble and are quite resilient!” I didn’t want something that would be falling apart on me so off I went to try the Wonder Wrap.


If you have a book, the recipe for Wonder Wraps is found on page 274. In the older book the wraps are called Egg White Wraps. If you do not have a book I encourage you to purchase one here (Canadian site) or here (American site).

NOTE: I made a great discovery while making these wraps. I often see people on the Facebook page asking for chip replacements. Well, you may very well discover that there could be such thing as FP chips!!! Who would have thought. Find the discovery here.

This post is very similar to the Wonder Wraps S style found here. However, this one had Fuel Pull fillings and will give you an idea as to how you can change things up to see how versatile these wraps can be.

The recipe calls for red pepper sauce, I had never heard of this before. I wasn’t sure if it was something sold in the stores or just where to look for this stuff. A light bulb went off…I IMG_5534had a red pepper sitting in my fridge….I grabbed the red pepper from my fridge, diced it up, put it in my blender and voila….my version of red pepper sauce. Maybe that is exactly what they were referring to but I wasn’t sure so I did exactly what it sounded like I should do, make my own red pepper sauce! It certainly did the trick and gave the wraps a delicious fresh flavor!!
IMG_5537     IMG_5542

Once the recipe mixture was complete and the psyllium husk did it’s duty, the wraps were ready to be made and the fillings needed to be prepared.

Add whatever fillings you would like, so long as they are THM friendly (ie, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers,pickles, laughing cow cheese, 99% leanIMG_5377 ground turkey). If you want this meal to remain FP make sure you leave out regular cheese, one wedge of laughing cow will do. Some sauces would go great on these as well like the Hip Trim Honey Mustard found on page 412 of the THM Book or mustard. So long as they keep you in FP. I made a green puree of whatever green veggies I had, seasoned, boiled and pureed. I like sauce on my wraps so I had to create something FP.

I also made a little veggie medley to add flavor and to help fill me up. In a small frying pan (or saucepan) I brought water to a simmer/boil and added mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, and Zucchini. Season to taste. You can add or leave out whatever you prefer.


Once you have assembled all necessary components it is time to dig in and enjoy!




I admit that the green sauce looks a tab bit questionable but for someone who like sauce on their wraps it was quite satisfying. Rather than adding Ranch or something that would throw you into S territory. You must taste and season your food to your taste! Please, if you want to enjoy your food season and taste! It is such a simple thing to do. When I hear people say their food is bland it’s because you haven’t seasoned! This won’t be the first time I tell you to season 🙂


All ‘wrapped’ up and ready to devour! So delicious…Thank you Pearl and Serene for your creation!

And thank God for the food we are blessed with. He is a good God.

And my God will meet all your needs
according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19 NIV

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