What’s up with the ads?

Ok, I may have some explaining to do. What’s up with the ads on this site?

I am sure you noticed recently that we started displaying ads on here. Ads are very commonplace on the internet; in fact, it is hard to visit a site these days that doesn’t have ads plastered all over it! Rest assured, we aren’t going for the “plastered” look with this blog; that’s why I am writing this post. We want your feedback – if there are questionable ads, or annoying ads that make this site unpleasant for reading, let us know by sending us a note and we will have them taken care of. 

This said, I want to explain some things about the ads on this site: from time to time, someone shares a post that drives viewers here (we greatly appreciate people reading about our experiences with THM); even one share can often bring thousands of visitors so keep it up!  We are deeply humbled when people show us appreciation and support for our posts by clicking “like” or “share” or “pin”, etc.

The ads on this site are personalized to your internet browsing history and so should be relevant to you. Clicking these advertisements will not give you viruses – they are real people advertising based on your interests. Actually, clicking on them generates revenue (a very small amount albeit) for the site which helps pay the expenses of running a blog. I would encourage you to:

  1. Click on an advertisement if it appeals to you. Most of these ads are from small businesses just trying to grow through online marketing and they think they have something you might like!
  2. More importantly, notify us if there are any inappropriate ads that make it to our site. I have been nervous from day 1 that something inappropriate could pop up on your computer screen. We want this site to be clear of all questionable material – a safe screen to leave open on your browser.
  3. Check out our affiliates: bulk herb store –> (link is on the right hand side of the blog). Or, visit the original American THM store to purchase products if you live in the US (most of our readers) our our Canadian THM store for those in Canada.
  4. Bookmark this page. “Like” it. “Share” it. Comment on it. The bottom line is that we love hearing from people. It encourages us and helps us encourage others.
  5. Ask questions. Sometimes I have the time to write blog posts but I have “bloggers block” and don’t know what to write about. Tell us what you are struggling with. Are you having a hard time explaining THM to your husband? Do you struggle with staying on plan? Need help with meal plans or recipes? Do you find your friends/family give you a hard time about being “on plan”? Do you get comments that annoy you regarding being on THM (i.e., from family/friends)?

Well, I hope this clears some things up for our readers who we greatly appreciate. May God bless you all. Happy THM’ing


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