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Welcome to 2017! It has been two years since I wrote my first attempt at explaining THM in 3 simple points. Since then, my wife and I have continued to adhere to the THM lifestyle with continued success; even with Ruth being pregnant (with our first!), she has done well to stick with it for the most part.

I had some readers comment that my previous post was too wordy so here is an attempt at simplifying the simplified version of THM. I will make a few more points:

  1. Food is meant to be enjoyed. While over-indulgence (gluttony) is wrong, I should not need to starve myself or abstain from good tasting food in order to keep the pounds off. THM lets you do this. Enjoying great food should be a guilt-free experience.
  2. How much you eat is not the problem; When you eat and what you eat it with makes all the difference. Let’s address these:
    1. When: Eat every 3 hours – there are two sides to this –
      1. Don’t snack more often than 3 hours – give your body a chance to burn the fuel
      2. Don’t fast more than 3 hours – it is like letting the fire go out. You need to keep your metabolism going.
    2. What you eat it with: Combining your food is the backbone of the THM lifestyle;there are three main categories of food:
      1. Protein: Critical in bodily function of muscle, bone, collagen, skin and virtually every organ in your body. Protein in your food should be the building block of every meal. High protein foods include white meat (chicken, turkey, white fish, etc), lintels, black beans, soy beans, nuts, milk, egg whites, etc.
      2. Fats: high calorie fatty (predominantly triglycerides) fuel that leaves you feeling satisfied after a meal. Fats are needed to maintain a healthy diet. These foods include red meat, egg (with yolks), fish, cheeses, milk, nuts, avocados, etc. They are harder to break down than carbs but once they start burning, look out, your metabolism will be kick started!
      3. Carbs: easy access fuel source often responsible for spiking your blood sugar/insulin. More commonly known as starches and sugars. There are 2 types – simple and complex…think, simple carbs – burn quickly, readily available and thus store easily – sugary foods/drinks, fruit juices, white bread, etc – you want to avoid these. Complex carbs– more difficult to burn, won’t spike your blood sugar; examples are oats, rye bread, Ezekiel bread, etc. –  these are good but in moderation and paired properly.

This is where the “satisfying” (S), “energizing” (E) and “fuel pull” (FP) meals come in.

  • “S” meals/snacks combine proteins with fats and are very deliciously satisfying – your body uses the fatty fuel for energy.
  • “E” meals/snacks combine proteins with good carbs and give you lots of energy (i.e, recommended before sports etc.) – Your body uses the carb based fuel for energy.
  • “FP” meals/snacks are either just protein or neither protein, carbs or fats – more a filler snack – your body uses stored fuel for energy (sugar in your blood or stored fat – yay!). See Ruth’s post on Fuel pull plan.

3. Avoid bad foods: There are certain foods that are just bad. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Pop/Soda (including diet pop/soda) and fruit juices/shakes – this is basically liquid sugar or diabetes in a can!
  • Sugary foods: candy bars, candy, ice cream, sugary cereals,
  • Fast food – burgers, fries, chips, etc – I don’t know how the government food regulation boards still allow this stuff to be sold…I personally believe it is arguably as bad or worse than smoking cigarettes.

Take some time and visit the official Trim Healthy Mama site. I recommend purchasing and reading the book (Canadian customers click here, American click here). I also highly recommend purchasing the THM food products, especially the sweeteners and protein as they are the best quality I have found and reasonably priced (again, (Canadian customers click here, American click here).

Please bookmark this site! Take some time and explore some of the great recipes that Ruth has posted on here. We would greatly appreciate it if you “like” and “share” our posts on Facebook/Pinterest/Google Plus. Also, ask us questions, we are grateful to help.

It is a new year again! This is the time for a new start and a new you!

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