Surviving the Holidays

It is that time of year again! Family, friends, food and more food! The Christmas season is definitely one of my favorite times in the year, but trying to be good and follow THM to the letter of the law is certainly a challenge especially with all those holiday parties and amazing potlucks!

The first thing I will say is don’t let a few cheat days stress you out and dampen the mood of the holidays. On the other hand, don’t go crazy and throw all restraint out the window! The key here is moderation. Here are a few tips to surviving the holidays without having to sign up for another gym membership come January:

1. Avoid the beige items on the potluck table.

I know this is next to impossible but when the food is on the table and there are so many choices it is hard to not try everything. Things that are beige are generally high in carbs. Remember, this is a rule of thumb and there are exceptions.

2. Bring THM friendly snacks (for you and others of course): check out the “THM Snack Ideas” and “THM Side Dish” in this blog for some ideas. Bringing THM friendly items gives you a delicious and guilt-free way to enjoy the occasion!

3. Eat when you eat; avoid snacking: This is what I struggle with the most! So much food just sitting around begging me to snack! Try eating every 3 hours. Plan your day around meal times and try to fast in between. One trick my brother taught me was to grab a coffee (black) prior to going to the Christmas party/event as coffee tends to suppress the appetite and you end up eating less; plus, who doesn’t love another excuse for more coffee!

These are just three tricks…do you have any tricks to staying semi-on-plan during the holidays? Comment below!

Merry Christmas


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