Shrimp & Cauliflower Salad – S

If you are having trouble coming up with a side dish to a meal, or wondering what to bring to a friends potluck, and making it something you can enjoy on you THM journey then here is a recipe for you!
IMG_7148I used this recipe as a side dish for the meal I served to my husband for our 3rd anniversary dinner. See the link to the recipe below.

Shrimp & Cauliflower Salad –  recipe here

Follow the recipe instructions as shown in the link above and you will be delighted at the outcome. Scott and I both enjoyed the fresh taste of this salad.IMG_7126    IMG_7128
IMG_7130Get your Shrimp, Cauliflower, and cucumber ready for a tasty side dish to share with your friends. It was a relatively east salad to make – once your shrimp and cauliflower was cooked and ready. I would suggest making it a couple day’s in advance. Like most things, it gets better after a day or two in the fridge soaking in the juices.

I hope you enjoy! Check out the rest of the anniversary menu and recipes HERE.

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