Price Point: Stevia vs. Sugar

Ever wonder how Pure Stevia Extract and regular cane sugar stack up against each other when it comes to sweetness and cost? To the analytic mind, this question is certainly intriguing but if you are like me, the non-intriguing part is going back to high school where we all had to struggle through a dozen different methods of performing unit conversions! Well, my curiosity got the best of me today and I decided to scribble some information down. This post may not be of interest to everyone in the THM world but I would recommend sharing this with husbands, boyfriends/friends who are skeptical on the whole THM lifestyle and up to this point have used the excuse that the products are too expensive to justify going all in (regardless of gender, feel free to share this with your engineering friends – they speak this language!).

So here are my notes; sorry for the chicken-scratch writing!

My scribbles

My scribbles…

What I did was compare the two products below: Domino Cane Sugar (from Sam’s Club) and THM Pure Stevia Extract (click link see in THM store – Canadian readers click here). I used the THM conversion chart so my calculations are only as good as the accuracy of the chart. (Also worth noting is that I used typical Canadian prices and Canadian dollars)

IMG_20150322_150225~2[1] IMG_20150322_150253[1]


The results were not as I would have expected. Here are a few fun facts about the comparison:

1. Stevia is 170 times as potent as cane sugar by volume! So when you add it to your shakes/oatmeal/baking/icing,lemonade, go super easy on it! This stuff is powerful! Quick conversion: 1 tsp pure stevia extract = 170 tsp of regular cane sugar (or 3.5 cups).

2. Stevia is over 380 times as potent as cane sugar by mass! Think about this for a minute! The average North American consumes a ghastly 150-170lbs of sugar per year (Ouch!)! Make the switch to THM and you can have just as many sweet treats and great tasting food but only consume less than 0.5lbs of stevia! I don’t know about you but I find this fascinating. Quick Conversion: 1lb Pure Stevia Extract = 386 lb regular cane sugar

3. Stevia, although more expensive by volume and weight is actually significantly cheaper than purchasing the equivalent amount (in “units of sweetness” per se) of cane sugar. Sugar will cost you 20% extra and will keep adding on those unwanted pounds. Quick Conversion: your average 160lbs cane sugar consumption per year = $89.81; equivalent to 0.41lbs pure stevia extract = $74.46

In conclusion, I have to say that I was surprised at these findings. I knew stevia was far more potent than sugar but I had never really quantified it. The purpose of this post is not to convince someone to try THM because of price; the plethora of health related issues caused by copious amounts of sugar consumed in our diets ought to be reason enough to give this a try. Rather, my goal was to determine just how these sweeteners stacked up against each other in terms of sweetness and price. As a husband who found THM to not only work in improving my health, but to make sense in my mind, I am recommending that all skeptics and nay-sayers out there ought to give this a chance. Still unsure? Check out my post: THM Review in 3 points or THM – His Perspective

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7 thoughts on “Price Point: Stevia vs. Sugar

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  2. Thanks for taking time for sharing this article, it was excellent and very informative. It’s my first time that I visit here. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Keep it up.

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  4. The problem is that stevia is not 170 times more potent than sugar. Although a lot stronger than sugar, it is up to 40 times more stronger than sugar

  5. Greed ruins everything. Greedy people think to themselves: “Hey this stuff is 170 times sweeter than sugar so that means we can charge nearly 170 times what we charge for sugar!!”.
    Here’s a thought: How about you sell it for close to the same price as sugar (or maybe a couple times as much, since mass production is still in early stages) and just make the world a much better place?
    Apparently it’s time to grow my own stevia.

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