One year on THM

It has been a while…

Things around here have been really busy and it has been a long time since either of us have wrote on this blog. I have been wanting to share with our readers some reflections on THM after being on it for a whole year.

We started THM after I got back from Texas last year around May. I was weighing in at just over 200lbs (the most I had ever weighed). I remember being in the hotel when I was in Houston, running on the treadmill and thinking that I needed to make a change. I just felt heavy and unhealthy; my body was totally ready for a change.

We decided to try THM because it was more of a lifestyle change than another crazy diet like the ones where you count calories and weigh strawberries and convert to points, then deduct those points from your total daily available points only to find out you have enough points left to eat a crouton and 4 almonds for the rest of the day! As I have posted before, putting the principles (see THM in 3 points) into action resulted in almost immediate results.

The most drastic change we made was cutting out refined sugar. Just do a quick Google Scholar search for scientific articles showing the problems associated with the overconsumption of sugar in the typical North American diet. For me, pop (soda for the Americans) was gone, sugary deserts were gone, packaged cookies were gone, sugary coffee drinks like ice-caps and most frappes were all gone! …sounds like no fun at all… however, the flip-side of this change is that there are tons of healthy, delicious substitutes for this food. Just take a look around this blog!

The second biggest change was how we eat. Combining carbs with protein or fats with protein (never fats and carbs) made sense to me… and we saw results. (See my post on THM in 3 points for the main points behind THM).

Here is a picture of me at my brother’s wedding (that’s my younger brother in the middle…actually I have 4 brothers in this picture – can you pick them out?)

At my brother’s wedding less than a week into THM. I also pointed out Dave, he started a THM-type lifestyle 6 months after me.

Here is a picture of us both 1 year later:

Dave and Scott (me): 1 year and over 60lbs lighter between the two of us. Biking by the "lake of shining waters" in Prince Edward Island (where I grew up)

Dave and Scott (me): 1 year and over 60lbs lighter between the two of us. Biking by the “lake of shining waters” in Prince Edward Island (where I grew up)

The first thing I noticed while on THM was that for about 2-3 weeks, my energy level actually dropped quite significantly. Ruth and I both felt like we hardly had the energy to climb a flight of stairs. I think it was the sugar withdrawal because, fortunately for us both, our energy came back. I continued to do my everyday, normal routine. I continued cycling to and from work (20 minutes each way) and didn’t add any extra exercise to my lifestyle (in fact, I probably exercised less). Since experiencing this for myself, I can emphatically agree with the medical community who say the key to getting “in-shape” is not getting another gym membership. It is more like 80% diet and 20% exercise or 100% lifestyle.

So here we are, 1 year later. I can truthfully say that I plan to live like this for the rest of my life! Physically, I can run further (I could never run far before), I can skate faster, bike longer (and faster) and jump higher than I ever could before. Mentally, I feel great. I no longer feel drained from going off sugar as my body has adapted to new eating habits. When I eat, I no longer go into “turkey dinner coma” mode after consuming massive amounts of carbs, fats and sugars in one meal! I also feel much better about myself – I know that I am more healthy and that makes me feel good!

To those who think it is a passing fad or to those who are worried it will turn into that for them, here’s proof that it isn’t. I hope this post will encourage some to try it or to just stick at it for the good of your health!

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