His Birthday Cake!

When your husband’s birthday comes around, what’s a girl to do about a THM cake? He loves sweet, he loves coffee, he loves chocolate, and he loves to eat! So, I followed the example and recipe that Carolyn posted on her blog: her Chocolate Espresso Torte…which is sweet, has espresso, has chocolate, and he can eat it! And it is THM friendly!

A few words to describe it? AMAZING, STELLAR and PERFECT for the occasion.

However, there was a bump along the way….

We are visiting my family in Newfoundland for a winter getaway (yes, we went North and not to a Sunny South). As wonderful as it is to be home, my sister has a dog; a big dog, a dog that enjoys food, a dog who can reach the counter when given the opportune moment (i.e. no one is watching and delicious smells are filling the kitchen), a dog who….

IMG_1187…decided that it would be convenient for her to find my goods and start chowing down! Glad we caught her before the whole thing was gone!

I didn’t let this stop me from finishing! I’m not one to throw something out because of a bit of dog germs…the cake will get eaten no matter what (and it did!). As a child I’m sure I kissed many dogs on the face and had slobber all over my face…if it didn’t hurt me then, it won’t kill me now. I used the sweet blend (Stevia and Erythritol) not Xylitol so the dog was fine, she didn’t get very much anyway.

(See note on conversations from swerve to sweet blend below.)

The process began as I started layering it up, tasting the deliciousness as I went along. The cream layer was wonderful!! And of course the more photogenic, uneaten-dog-side gets the shot…

IMG_1189     IMG_1190     IMG_1191

The ganache covered the slight disaster along the way. I was very impressed with how the ganache turned out and thickened. It was very easy to pour over and cover the cake.




I wasn’t sure how the curls were going to work out. I had the pan in the fridge for a while as directed and it wash’t hardening too well so I stuck it in the freezer. I think I let it get too hard at first so I just got some chocolate dust when I tried scraping it. I let it sit out for a little while and soon I was able to get some beautiful curls.


This cake was a huge success!! It was amazing and all credit goes to Carolyn, the creator of the recipe!! Everything was so tasty, my family loved it and most importantly my husband loved it 🙂 I was happy with the outcome and I will definitely make it again sometime. As you can see it started getting devoured and was soon gone.IMG_1216IMG_1221IMG_1226

Success on a new recipe tried! It was THM friendly and went well as a dessert.

Note: I didn’t use swerve in my recipe. I used THM Sweet Blend. Unfortunately I can’t provide exact amounts of THM sweet blend that I used. I tasted as I went along. However, for 1/2 cup of swerve I would suggest about 1-2 Tbs of Sweet Blend. I estimated the amount of THM Sweet Blend when it came to the 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup of swerve required in recipe. For the confectioners swerve mentioned in the recipe I just put the THM Sweet Blend in a blender and ground it to a powder to get the right consistency.

I hope the pictures encourage you to attempt this cake. It’s worth it!! Happy birthday planning!

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4 thoughts on “His Birthday Cake!

    • Oh so delightful. Scott asked the other day how hard it was to make, I think he was hinting that I make it again 🙂 My mother-in-law also said it was a make again recipe. Yummm, I’m drooling 😉

  1. Mom and I made this! Talk about yummy! She may have put to much espresso in it though (but i am also not a coffee fan). We will definitely be making it again

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