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Okay, so who say’s you can’t enjoy a good feed of Eggs Benedict while on the Trim Healthy Mama journey! I say you can. When the cravings come there is nothing better to do than to figure out a THM friendly solution. I found the solution for a delightful, special breakfast. I made these back around Christmas time, hence the Christmas decor. Though, it is snowing here in Sarnia again today so spring hasn’t quite sprung, the pine cones and red is fine for now!


The coffee, it goes without question that this is the start of a great day! Well….at least for some people. Not everyone enjoys this marvelous hot drink. Scott and I definitely do!

Where to start. Okay, I had to first find a hollandaise sauce that was perfect. The key to good Eggs Benedict is great sauce! I found the perfect hollandaise sauce here. You have to be careful with this sauce, I made a few attempts and it doesn’t always IMG_4973turn out perfect but once you get the concept, it’s smooth, creamy and delicious! Just don’t over heat. Sometimes, if I find that it’s too runny, I place in in the freezer for a couple of mins (this helps harden the butter a bit) then return it to the blender and it should turn out a bit creamier. You want it thick so that it stays on the bite you are about to take. I’ve had it too runny before and it’s not as enjoyable and you don’t get the full Eggs Benedict experience.

To top it off the sauce is THM S friendly:

  • Egg yolks
  • Butter
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper

Before we get to poaching the eggs you should get your bread ready. For this dish I made the Bread in a Mug, found on page 265 of the Trim Healthy Mama book. Mix together as per instructions. Let it cool a bit after it’s been microwaved. Now, you could eat both pieces but I would suggest doing the lighter version mentioned in the book if that’s the IMG_4972case. Otherwise, you can split it with your spouse, friend or significant other sitting across the table from you. I think I ate the two pieces 🙂

Carefully cut it in half and toast the two pieces when you are ready to poach the eggs, just so that they are warm when served. You can even butter the toast!! Yay for S meals!

You can fry up your meat of choice. The beauty of it being and S meal is that you can use your meat of choice – ham, bacon, turkey bacon, chicken, even steak, you name it. We used turkey bacon.

Poaching the Eggs. This is usually my husbands area of expertise. (It also helps to have two people working in the kitchen during this process. Helps for multitasking purposes.)
I am a huge MasterChef fan so Scott went right to Gordon Ramsey’s way of poaching eggs here or watch him perform his magic here. After re-watching the video today I think I would also like to try Gordon Ramsey’s hollandaise sauce. Who better to learn from than a great chef!IMG_4968

You have a sauce pan, hot – near boiling water, eggs, get a swirl on and you’re all set! Perfect poached eggs. Scott is just as good as Gordon Ramsey in my opinion! Of course I would be somewhat biased in this case 🙂

Once you have all the components necessary to assemble these delights, plate it and there you have a marvelous, delectable breakfast! If you feel the urge to complete it with “orange juice” I suggest you turn your eyes, my dear friend,IMG_4977 to the glorious Singing Canary.




So, anyone for poached eggs……



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