Chocolate Chip Cookie Trial

Today we leave for a trip to visit my family in Newfoundland. I now live miles from home. Growing up, chocolate chip cookies are a kid’s staple treat and let’s not kid ourselves…we adults still like our sweet treats and chocolate chips! So, I thought I would whip up some chocolate chip cookies for the road/flight. They will make a nice snack with a coffee to keep us awake. Since being on THM I have tried various chocolate chip cookie recipes, I will post other trial cookies that I have experimented with. However, yesterday I tried these: Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies from the blog Beth on a diet.

The problem I find with some of the recipes using almond flour is that for the amount of  almond flour used there is not much for quantity versus using white flour recipes. This recipe wasn’t bad – a batch made 22 cookies!

I followed the recipe exactly as posted. I used a cookie scoop to put the dough on the baking tray. In the post Beth suggests flattening the dough with a fork before baking. I decided to see what would happen if I flattened some and left the others in a ball shape…and a couple of them well, I will explain when you see them.

These are the cookies left in a ball shape. The texture is great and makes a wonderful treat!


Here are the cookies I flattened prior to baking. I would take them out sooner next time as you can tell by the slightly dark edges they enjoyed the heat too much!


Then there were these four little guys that were an experiment. I opened the oven at about half way and checked them, the flattened ones were looking great so I  wondered what would happen if I flattened a couple during the baking process….needless to say they aren’t pretty but they do taste just as good as the rest!


Scott and I both enjoyed these cookies very much!! definitly a make again receipe. Annnd I may have snuck a couple here and there. I hope you enjoy them as well!


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