Check it out: New Shipping Rates on Our Store!

Hey there! We realize that shipping of THM products within Canada can add up quickly so in response to the request of some of our fellow THM’rs, we are happy to offer a flat rate shipping price of $12.95 per order within Canada with no minimum order required! You can check out our store here (American friends looking for THM products, click here – this shipping promotion does not apply to american customers). Keep in mind, if you live near our location in Sarnia or know someone in the area, you can always arrange for pickup and save the shipping altogether!


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2 thoughts on “Check it out: New Shipping Rates on Our Store!

  1. Wonderful to find a place in Canada that sells these products. Just learning about THM. I was thinking it might be helpful to get some of these products but not convenient to order from the states. Then I came across your website.
    I have xylitol in my cupboard. Would this work in place of the stevia until I’m done with it. I noticed on the sweetener conversion chart, it says how to make your own sugar blends. One says you can use erthytol and one says erthytol or xylitol. Is this correct? you can only use xylitol to make the one item, not the other?
    Any suggestion on what product to order if I want to use it for baking and not just to sweeten my coffee?

    • Hello Joy, great to hear from you. Xylitol would likely work perfectly fine until you are finished with it. I know Xylitol is more coarse than stevia, if you use Xylitol as your main sweetener you can always blend/grind it into a powder. 🙂 It’s great that way and has been suggested that grinding it into a powder gives a better texture for baking purposes. I enjoy the THM Sweet Blend for baking. Some people prefer to make their own sweet blend by mixing the THM Erythritol and THM Stevia. That way they can adjust the sweetener to their personal preference (typically 1 cup Erythritol to 1 tsp Stevia)

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