THM – “His” Perspective

My name is Scott. I thought I would give you all some background and perspective from a male point of view…I hope you enjoy!

Like many of life’s activities, this whole adventure is the result of many small choices. One by one, opportunities presented themselves as we made lifestyle changes that eventually led us down this path. It started with trying to be healthy – we all desire to do this, right? – then it was a smorgasbord of flavor-of-the-week diets that really didn’t produce desired results; then, thankfully, came the discovery of the “Trim Healthy Mama” book by sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. (A quick note to husbands and fathers: this will likely affect you more than your wife… go with it. Just because it says “mama” in the title doesn’t mean it isn’t for you!). Finally something that made sense to both of us! Imagine that: a diet that made sense to the engineering mind! A favorite quote of mine is: “In God we trust. Everyone else must bring data”. Without going into details, THM made sense to me in how the human body works. We tried the THM way of life and the results were great! I shred 30lbs in less than 3 months (200 to 170lbs) where my weight stabilized. I noticed a significant drop blood pressure (140/90s to 124/72) and increase in energy all while still being able to enjoy the wonderful gift of great tasting food. The data also showed that THM worked for my wife as well but due to the sensitivity of this data, I have been informed it will not be published in this domain!

We were and are so happy with this way of living that we shared (and continue to share) it with any one who was interested. Ruth started this blog to share recipes and photos of food and just general thoughts. At one point, we were purchasing products for our friends off the THM website and decided to look into becoming a reseller of THM products in Canada. Shortly after, we were looking into an online store! Neither of us have any experience in E-commerce so it is a learning experience for us both!

Our mission is to share 3 things with you that affected us first:

1. Simple lifestyle changes that will help you live healthier

2. Alternative food products that are substitutes for the things you crave (so you don’t need to white-knuckle your way through another diet!)

3. Encouragement to make healthy lifestyle changes through our story. We, among thousands of others, are proof that this works!

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you come back often. I will try my best to post in order to give all you Trim Healthy Husbands/Fathers out there some company, perspective and encouragement!

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Let’s get started…

Hello world!

Welcome to Pinch of Patience! If you are new to my blog and store, don’t worry. I am too! I will try my best to be relavent and up to date with my posts. I hope you enjoy the content and come back to see what I have been up to.

You might ask what motivated me to start this page. Well, it has been said that patience is a virtue. Although we have all heard this saying many times in our lives, we seldom actually slow down and enjoy the simple yet divinely good things we have been blessed with. Our culture lends itself to speed, production and efficiency, yet God instructs us to “be still and know that I am God”. Waiting is tough, especially when you are used to rushing all the time! Sometimes it just takes a pinch of patience to slow down or stop, just for a moment, and enjoy the simple goodness of this life.

Thats where I got the idea for this blog/company venture that I am just embarking on now. I hope it is helpful to you and that you come back often. Every time you do come back, I extend a humble thank-you and a warm welcome to my site.


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