Trimmaccino – London Fog (S)

Three words….”Trimmaccino – London Fog”

I don’t know about any of you, but I used to love going out to little coffee shops for a good latte on a cold evening or just any time of the year. One of my favorites was the London Fog. Unfortunately, most lattes…okay all lattes are sweetened. Sweetened with sugar.

Normally the Trimmaccino is referenced with coffee and I have had my coffee many times the “Trimmaccino” way and I absolutely love it and suggest you go try it if you like a good great creamy coffee!

But…what do I do about my latte cravings??

Sometimes I get bright ideas and tonight I had a brilliant one. Why not try making a latte using the Trimmaccino ingredients. I have made lattes at home before with steamed milk and sugar, before THM…so what’s stopping me from trying a new experiment!

Out came the butter. Out came the Coconut oil. Out came the tea.
Out came the Blender. Out came the Stevia.


It wasn’t too much longer before I had my London Fog in hand, sipping on the delight, foam and all. Of course, with a small little snack to go along with it. (you only see one cookie…there may have been another one…)


Needless to say, I was happy I attempted this little experiment! I no longer have to search for a way to satisfy my latte craving!

Ingredients   IMG_5724

  • 1 recipe of Trimmaccino
  • 2 Earl Grey tea bags steeped in 12oz boiling water (or what ever type of tea you would like to lattefy)
  • Stevia to taste
  • Vanilla

If you opt to make this the light version as per trimmaccino recipe, using only 1 tsp of butter/oil, it can be used for an E of FP setting.

Thankfully, due to Pearl and Serene’s hard work they found a way to make creamy coffee and creamy lattes possible. If you like lattes you will like this!

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Cookie Bowl Oatmeal – FP

I strongly suggest you give this recipe a try!

If you have a book, the recipe for this Cookie Bowl Oatmeal is found on page 232. If you do not have a book I encourage you to purchase one!

The first time I made it I forgot to put glucomannan in it….OOOPS! it was runny and not what it should have been. However, the next time I added the amount of glucomannan that the recipe calls for and it turned out just fantastic!


I found it very similar to the Coco Pudding on page 366 in taste. However,IMG_1936 I really like the texture that comes with adding the oats. It is great to bring with you as snack as well. The recipe fits well in a medium sized mason jar. I sent one to work with my husband today and it worked great (there was just a tad too much for this jar but most of it fit…the very small amount left I added to my breakfast bowl 😉 don’t tell him though). Just pack a spoon and you’re all set for your afternoon snack at work or out running errands.

I was also impressed with how large the oats grew and took up a large portion of the recipe, especially since the recipe calls for only a small amount of oats. So, if you like chocolate, pudding and texture this great FP breakfast/snack is just for you!! And tastes great!! Don’t forget it’s page 232 in the Trim Healthy Mama book.


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Wonder Wraps – S style

Wonder wraps!! An amazing, fantastic recipe, I was so happy to have found these in the recipe section of the Trim Healthy Mama book. If you have a book, the recipe for Wonder Wraps is found on page 274. In the older book the wraps are called Egg White Wraps. If you do not have a book I encourage you to purchase one here (Canadian site) or here (American site).

NOTE: I made a great discovery while making these wraps. I often see people on the Facebook page asking for chip replacements. Well, in this post my friends, you may very well discover that there could be such thing as FP chips!!! Who would have thought. Keep reading…

I was craving some wraps and IMG_5311wondered what recipe I should choose. My mother-in-law had sent me a text and said that she had tried the Wonder Wraps. In her words “I love them! They are a wonder because they do not crumble and are quite resilient!”

No better review than that of someone who has tried the recipe. So, off I went to purchase psyllium husk flakes. I had never used psyllium husk flakes/powder before so this was going to be an experiment for myself!

The recipe calls for red pepper sauce, I had never heard of this before. I wasn’t sure if it was something sold in the stores or just where to look for this stuff. A light bulb went off…I IMG_5534had a red pepper sitting in my fridge….I grabbed the red pepper from my fridge, diced it up, put it in my blender and voila….my version of red pepper sauce. Maybe that is exactly what they were referring to but I wasn’t sure so I did exactly what it sounded like I should do, make my own red pepper sauce! It certainly did the trick and gave the wraps a delicious fresh flavor!!
IMG_5537     IMG_5542

Once the recipe mixture was complete and the psyllium husk did it’s duty, the wraps were ready to be made and the fillings needed to be prepared.
IMG_5299IMG_5297IMG_5296 IMG_5295

I just love the bright colours of those peppers. They are beautiful. God created so many wonderful foods! It makes me smile! Add whatever fillings you would like, so long as they are THM friendly (ie, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pickles, laughing cow cheese). Some dressings go great on these or mustard. Though the wraps are FP, I made my fillings for these an S. Hence the ground beef, bacon and cheese, I have another post that keeps the meal fully FP here.


Once you have assembled all necessary components it is time to dig in and enjoy! Oh it almost makes me drool just thinking about how delicious these were. I was so eager to eat these up but I had to take time to get a decent picture. The one on the right was the eagerly-eaten-delight.
IMG_5302      IMG_5310

DISCOVERY – FP chips! Oh my land, when you get busy in the kitchen…things start to burn! I was in the middle of preparing the fillings and forgot that I had left the last wrap on the frying pan. My husband noticed and brought it to my attention…he took it off and as I heard crunching, he said, “Wow! This is like a chip and really good! A little more seasoning and it would be the perfect chip!”  I tried it and sure enough, who would have thought! Pearl and Serene are amazing and there is more behind their recipes than we know! This is a semi burnt Wonder Wrap…

IMG_5279         IMG_5282

Well folks, give the recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama book a try. Don’t forget, it is found on page 274. You will not be let down!! Oh the glorious creation, food glorious food!

We are so blessed to have food daily.
God is good!

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His Birthday Cake!

When your husband’s birthday comes around, what’s a girl to do about a THM cake? He loves sweet, he loves coffee, he loves chocolate, and he loves to eat! So, I followed the example and recipe that Carolyn posted on her blog: her Chocolate Espresso Torte…which is sweet, has espresso, has chocolate, and he can eat it! And it is THM friendly!

A few words to describe it? AMAZING, STELLAR and PERFECT for the occasion.

However, there was a bump along the way….

We are visiting my family in Newfoundland for a winter getaway (yes, we went North and not to a Sunny South). As wonderful as it is to be home, my sister has a dog; a big dog, a dog that enjoys food, a dog who can reach the counter when given the opportune moment (i.e. no one is watching and delicious smells are filling the kitchen), a dog who….

IMG_1187…decided that it would be convenient for her to find my goods and start chowing down! Glad we caught her before the whole thing was gone!

I didn’t let this stop me from finishing! I’m not one to throw something out because of a bit of dog germs…the cake will get eaten no matter what (and it did!). As a child I’m sure I kissed many dogs on the face and had slobber all over my face…if it didn’t hurt me then, it won’t kill me now. I used the sweet blend (Stevia and Erythritol) not Xylitol so the dog was fine, she didn’t get very much anyway.

(See note on conversations from swerve to sweet blend below.)

The process began as I started layering it up, tasting the deliciousness as I went along. The cream layer was wonderful!! And of course the more photogenic, uneaten-dog-side gets the shot…

IMG_1189     IMG_1190     IMG_1191

The ganache covered the slight disaster along the way. I was very impressed with how the ganache turned out and thickened. It was very easy to pour over and cover the cake.




I wasn’t sure how the curls were going to work out. I had the pan in the fridge for a while as directed and it wash’t hardening too well so I stuck it in the freezer. I think I let it get too hard at first so I just got some chocolate dust when I tried scraping it. I let it sit out for a little while and soon I was able to get some beautiful curls.


This cake was a huge success!! It was amazing and all credit goes to Carolyn, the creator of the recipe!! Everything was so tasty, my family loved it and most importantly my husband loved it 🙂 I was happy with the outcome and I will definitely make it again sometime. As you can see it started getting devoured and was soon gone.IMG_1216IMG_1221IMG_1226

Success on a new recipe tried! It was THM friendly and went well as a dessert.

Note: I didn’t use swerve in my recipe. I used THM Sweet Blend. Unfortunately I can’t provide exact amounts of THM sweet blend that I used. I tasted as I went along. However, for 1/2 cup of swerve I would suggest about 1-2 Tbs of Sweet Blend. I estimated the amount of THM Sweet Blend when it came to the 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup of swerve required in recipe. For the confectioners swerve mentioned in the recipe I just put the THM Sweet Blend in a blender and ground it to a powder to get the right consistency.

I hope the pictures encourage you to attempt this cake. It’s worth it!! Happy birthday planning!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Trial

Today we leave for a trip to visit my family in Newfoundland. I now live miles from home. Growing up, chocolate chip cookies are a kid’s staple treat and let’s not kid ourselves…we adults still like our sweet treats and chocolate chips! So, I thought I would whip up some chocolate chip cookies for the road/flight. They will make a nice snack with a coffee to keep us awake. Since being on THM I have tried various chocolate chip cookie recipes, I will post other trial cookies that I have experimented with. However, yesterday I tried these: Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies from the blog Beth on a diet.

The problem I find with some of the recipes using almond flour is that for the amount of  almond flour used there is not much for quantity versus using white flour recipes. This recipe wasn’t bad – a batch made 22 cookies!

I followed the recipe exactly as posted. I used a cookie scoop to put the dough on the baking tray. In the post Beth suggests flattening the dough with a fork before baking. I decided to see what would happen if I flattened some and left the others in a ball shape…and a couple of them well, I will explain when you see them.

These are the cookies left in a ball shape. The texture is great and makes a wonderful treat!


Here are the cookies I flattened prior to baking. I would take them out sooner next time as you can tell by the slightly dark edges they enjoyed the heat too much!


Then there were these four little guys that were an experiment. I opened the oven at about half way and checked them, the flattened ones were looking great so I  wondered what would happen if I flattened a couple during the baking process….needless to say they aren’t pretty but they do taste just as good as the rest!


Scott and I both enjoyed these cookies very much!! definitly a make again receipe. Annnd I may have snuck a couple here and there. I hope you enjoy them as well!


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