Beef Stroganoff – S (Deep S)

Do you ever think back to days growing up and remember your the food your mother whipped up that you now crave? But how do you go about THMing the recipe?? Well here is one that I will share with you!

I always loved my mothers Beef Stroganoff over spaghetti or elbow pasta. However, since being on THM pasta has been limited to those dinners you’re invited out to and have no other choice but to eat it. So here we go!!

First you have to make a cream of mushroom soup (the canned stuff my mother always used would not likely be THM friendly). A light bulb went off in my head (it happens only occasionally) and I decided I would do the next best thing I could with what I had. Make my own!

Mushroom Sauce:

  • Lots of mushrooms
  • Variety of peppers, smaller amount than what you have of mushrooms
  • Seasoning
  • Unsweetened Almond milk
    IMG_6160   IMG_6162
    Fry the mushrooms and peppers in butter, season well! Transfer the fried mixture to a blender and add almond milk. IMG_6168Blend until mixture is smooth and seasoned to taste. You don’t want a bland sauce! The more mushrooms you add the more it will taste like the mushroom soup mix. I added a few too many peppers to this batch so the sauce was not quite as dark and mushroomy as my previous batch (which I forgot to take pictures of).
    Then you need to prepare the beef. IMG_6042Brown beef, add your mushroom soup mix sauce! Your beef mixture is now ready. At the same time you can work on your ‘noodles’.


I made zucchini noodles for this dish, using my veggetti! It’s fantastic. Fry the zucchini in IMG_6044butter for about 5 minutes you don’t want to do them to long or they will be more mushy than crispy (you can also use Not Naughty Noodles). Don’t forget to season it well! And you are just about ready to sit down for a hearty meal of Beef Stroganoff. I am supper excited that the light bulb went off in my head to find a way to made mushroom soup mix!

This is a super easy dinner to wipe up and I bet you that your kids would also enjoy it! They can have their pasta :). You could also have the sauce over spaghetti squash, or over pork (another dish my mom used to make for us), you name it this sauce would work with a number of different dishes.

I also had a side of coleslaw that I put together. I was on Deep S of a fuel cycle at the time, which you can read about HERE. I wasn’t able to use mayo that particular day so I used a mixture of oil, vinegar, cilantro, spices (cumin, thyme, salt, pepper, paprika, etc) and some unsweetened almond milk for creaminess. It wasn’t horrible but definitely a recipe I need to tweak before posting 🙂 However, it worked and it was eatable! I love the colours of the purple cabbage as well so it made the meal look complete.

You should end up with a final dish that looks something like the following…
Delicious and Nutritious!


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