Fuel Cycle Week 2

You can find week 1 of the Fuel Cycle week HERE

This second week was a bit of a challenge as I had a few meetings where snacks were a temptation and a conference where meals were provided. However, I decided to take the challenge upon myself to stay on plan as best I could. I was not ungrateful for the food that was provided and I wouldn’t normally be this nit picky, but I wanted to do this as a challenge to myself and to see how well I could stick to the fuel cycle over the busy weekend. I came out realizing that you can plan and pack for a weekend away. Though I found myself sick of boiled eggs by the end of the weekend it worked and I stayed on plan. I even resisted temptations (ie. cookies, pies, pizza, chips, etc.)

A meal sample of this week…..YUM!IMG_6334

Day 1 – Deep S

Breakfast  6:30 am

Breakfast was quick and easy to prepare as we had a 3 hour drive to Toronto. I made a vanilla shake of Unsweetened Almond Milk, vanilla, sweetener, ice and a tbsp of MCT oil to make it a deep S and a side of the wonderful Trimmiccino. I figured if I ate just before I left I would be ready for my snack before I got to TO. Sometimes it feels like you need to IMG_2084snack in the car, a mental physiological thing though don’t let it get the best of you. Bring some sippers along to help with the urge if you have to. I went prepared…cooler and all! I took my stash of necessities, though it appears to be a big cooler it was not completely full. I wasn’t sure what meals would be served at the conference so I brought some options along which you will be see along the way.

Snack 9:30 am

IMG_2086I ate half of my brownie muffin in a mug recipe (BMIM) because I knew lunch was served two hours later and didn’t want to fill my system before the next meal. I’m not sure what the hard and fast rule is to this 3 hour eating but I try to stick to it as best I can. I figured this was a better option than waiting 5-6 hours before eating again….I apologize for all the iPhone pictures but I didn’t bring my big camera along…hope these do the trick.

Lunch 12/12:30 pm

We waited in a long line for lunch so I’m not sure the exact time I ate. The meal was cold cuts on a bun. This was a great and easy meal to make into an S even if it wasn’t a perfect Deep S. I took lettuce, meat and mustard for a dressing. I skipped taking the bun, tomatoes,chips and cheese as that is not particularly Deep S. Please notice the cookies in the back ground 😉 I resisted!! I did grab a coffee though…again, notice the cookies. I was still a bit hungry so I went to m handy dandy cooler and pulled out a boiled egg with salt and pepper (just mixed spices in a small container) and polished off the other half of the BMIM.IMG_2088IMG_2089IMG_2090

Dinner 5/5:30 pm

Dinner was served, ham with a glaze (likely sugar loaded), peas with a glaze and a salad ladened with dressing. To be on the safe side and to continue this challenge to myself, though the food looked and i’m sure tasted amazing, out to the cooler I went. Beef, and boiled eggs!! I had brought the beef frozen, there was enough thawed that it made enough for a lunch. For those of you balking at cool beef, I’m not a picky eater so I was able to do it no problem! I also took a couple bites of dessert – BMIM.


Snack- 9:30 pm

There was a get together for the young people at the conference, a wonderful time of singing Praises to God. The snack to follow was wonderful smelling pizza, with chips and drinks. I resisted the tempation and once I returned to the car I finished off the BMIM from Dinner.  The thought of snacking on a boiled egg was NOT appealing. I think by Sunday I will be sick of them….

Day 2 -Deep S

Breakfast 9:00 am

Eggs! I did have a nice picture taken but somehow I deleted it so here is just a shot of the eggs still to be eaten by someone. Along with a coffee this made for a great breakfast.IMG_2099

Lunch 12:30 pm

The conference menu was pasta, Caesar salad and meatballs. Had I not been so determined to stay on the Deep S I would have enjoyed the Cesar salad with the meatballs. But out the the car I went for Cabbage and beef, seasoned well, a swig of Unsweetened Almond milk and a bit of the BMIM. Yum!!                             IMG_2103

Snack 3:00 pm

The timing is a bit awkward to coordinate so I’m doing the best I can. I had a small snack of Unsweetened Almond milk and BMIM. I didn’t take a picture but you’ve seen it before 🙂

Dinner 5:30 pm

I decided I would check out this dinner.IMG_2133 I took salad that had a dressing (not sure what type…some vinegar maybe) and chicken that had a sauce….a nice change from eggs and beef! It was good and as close to Deep S without it being super Deep S.

Snack 10:45 pm

No picture but I drank some tea and finished the previous BMIM.

Day 3 – Deep S

Breakfast 8:00 amIMG_2135

What a wonderful breakfast!! I love poached eggs. I had a bit of sausage on the side which again was great.

Lunch 12:50 pm


I didn’t feel like eating boiled eggs IMG_2139again so I did the best I could. I took some ham (glaze, tried to eat the least amount of sauce possible) and a salad. Still a bit hungry I had some beef and cabbage 🙂 I turned down the amazing looking angel cake and strawberries….fyi

Snack 5:00 pmIMG_2142

Odd time for a snack but we were driving. The last BMIM I had brought got devoured with a good ‘ol coffee.

Dinner 8:15 pm

A little late but I was hungry. An amazing wonderful delightful crispy salmon with a salad. I figured i’d use the rest of the boiled eggs too. It was a welcome change!IMG_6282

Day 4 – Fuel Pull

Breakfast 9:00 am

Cookie bowl Oatmeal for breakfast this morning to kick off the next two days of FP.IMG_6286

Lunch 12:10 pm

A delicious helping of FP shortcake with Greek Yogurt and strawberry mix to top it off. To drink I had small vanilla shake with protein to fill me up. Not too bad for a lunch!!IMG_6295

Snack 3:10 pm

So, I was out running errands and trying to decide what I would whip together quickly when I got home…in my mind I was searching through my fridge. I thought about the amazing Meringues in the THM book and thought, hmmm what if I whip up egg whites with vanilla and THM sweetener and fry it instead of using the oven….I give you, the cloud puff!

IMG_6298 IMG_6300 IMG_6301

Cloud puff

  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 2-3 doonks stevia, vanilla
  • 1/4 tsp xanthan gum mix until stiff peaks.
  • Heat frying pan on med-low heat…a smidgen of butter (you don’t want this to be S) fry on one side until golden brown, flip and let cook for another min or two. This made about four round cloud puffs.

Top with Greek Yogurt/strawberries/vanilla/sweetener mixed together. The texture may take some getting used to but what a great FP treat! I enjoyed it.


Dinner 6:15 pm

IMG_6312My Fuel Cycle friend, Michelle, is always showing me her perfect egg white omelets. I have tried and tried but to no avail….they always end up scrambled! I think my non-stick pan is loosing it’s ‘non-stick’. However, the scrambled was fantastic!! Topped with a mix of cabbage, radish cut small in food processor, peppers and green chilies, topped with Greek yogurt, and broccoli on the side. I also had half of a Fat Stripping Frappe on the side (page 240 in the THM Book)

Snack 9:30 pm

Okay, I think my late night snacks need to be reduced. I’m afraid i’m eating them too late and just before heading to bead. Time to share the Cloud Puff with my husband. Another cloud puff in my day but this time with chocolate and vanilla pudding (page 366 from THM book). I suppose you could call it a layered cloud puff ‘cake’…but it’s not cake texture.
IMG_6318 IMG_6320

Day 5 – Fuel Pull

Breakfast 9:00 am

The BIG BOY (page…in the THM book). I love this smoothie, so delightful and now that summer weather is nearly hear I’m excited for more! Of course I couldn’t resist this shortcake so I added it to my breakfast.IMG_6325

IMG_2164Lunch 12:00 pm

Today was leftovers for me. I didn’t mind though, egg white scramble with leftover veggies added.

Snack 3:30 pm

Okay, today I tried an experiment. I enjoy things savory sometimes, and I used to enjoy a nice toasted bagel or piece of toast so I thought what if I turned the sweet shortcake recipe savory and toasted it….well…lets just say I ate it because I had made it and didn’t want to waste the precious ingredients. Would I make it again? mmmm probably not. Keep the shortcake recipe sweet not savory!

IMG_6329IMG_2165I tried adding spices instead of the sweetener but I think the oat fiber messed up my plan…maybe someone can help me but I think oat fiber needs to be mixed with sweeteners not savory spices. I added some Greek yogurt which was the saving grace to my snack today. I also sprinkled some cinnamon/sweetener on the second piece which helped.

Trial and Error – Keep that cake sweet!

Dinner 6:30 pm

My friend Michelle sent a recipe for crepes and it worked!! Wahooo, and they were super delicious! Filled with Greek Yogurt and a strawberry sauce (but not too too much of each because you don’t want to go into E territory). And a bit of unsweetened almond milk to drink.

Snack 9:30 pm

I tried Brianna Thomas’ FP hot chocolate it was IMG_6337super delicious!! Though, as I did a bit of calculating it seemed to be over the 5g of fat count. I’m not normally a counter and maybe this is nit-picky but I was curious, especially for the FP meals/snacks. Maybe it depends on your products….(4.6g fat from Coconut Oil, .5g from cocoa, a tad from low-fat cottage cheese and then you have 1.25g fat from the almond milk, over 5g of fat). That was my quick calculation, maybe someone can clarify that for me…

Day 6 – E Refuel

Breakfast 9:00 am

I absolutely love when E day’s roll around! It makes me happy! Oatmeal for me today with mango and blue berries mixed in, Greek yogurt on the side and a coffee to guzzle. I just find great satisfaction in this breakfast. God is good!!IMG_6338

BTW I had a dream last night that I had been in a restaurant and a some meal that had a bun and the whole time I was thinking of how it was messing with the Fuel Cycle I was on. I woke up trying to think if I had actually eaten one haha. You know you’re a THMer when….

Lunch 12:00 pm

I really enjoy tuna, today’s lunch was a good day for tuna! So I had my lettuce, peppers, onion, tomato, balsamic vinegar and red pepper sauce, last but not least one of my favorite things Sweet Potato!!! I just love a good cooked sweet potato, it makes me smile and makes me thankful. A side of coffee.

Snack 3:00 pm

I had to run to work so I grabbed what I could, Stevia Sweetened Greek Yogurt with a bit of protein powder added, a touch of peanut flour and half of an apple. It was very delightful!

Dinner 6:00 pm

IMG_6379Rice, the first time I’ve eaten rice since being on THM and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So, here we have rice, some beans, veggies (this recipe, veggies I cooked in water). Chicken to finish it off! So amazing! Highly recommended. Can’t forget the lemonade 🙂IMG_6384

Snack 9:00 pm

I was out at a friends place watching a movie and to avoid the wonderful looking, sugary treats that would be provided I brought along so roasted garbanzo beans (RGBs). And, if you have ever eaten these you will know why someone said, “sounds like there’s a rock cruncher in here” clearly my being discrete was not very successful. I love to do my RGB’s sweet with THM sweetener and cinnamon. a favorite snack of mine.IMG_5594

Day 7 – E Refuel

IMG_6388Breakfast 9:00 am

I decided on a coffee and vanilla shake for breakfast this morning. It is more of a Fuel Pull meal than an E but sometimes I feel heavy with carbs so doing one Fuel Pull snack/meal helps. I blended a bit of protein in with my coffee this morning.

Lunch 12:00 pm

Such a delicious, simple lunch. 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, side of sweetened Greek Yogurt and a peach cream sauce for the toast. It was like peach jam! So amazing!!

For the peach spread:

  • simmer a 2 tbsp of water
  • add a couple diced peach slices
  • sweetener
  • glucomannan
  • blend!


Snack 3:00 pm

IMG_2190I tried another experiment today. I took the FP shortcake recipe and turned it into a fruit cake. I added a few blueberries, mango and strawberries with a side of Sweetened Greek Yogurt.
Talk about delicious!!! Just before my snack time I had turned down some cookies that were offered to me in the office and I’m glad I did because this THM treat was a great substitute!
Fruit cake along with some roasted garbanzo beans (a favorite snack of mine as well) made a marvelous snack.


Dinner 6:30 pm

This was a fantastic meal. Pinto beans are a delight! I usually soak mine over night, in the morning I add chopped onion, jalapenos and mushrooms and season it well with salt and pepper. I let the beans cook on low all day. I had some in the freezer and decided to take them out for tonight’s dinner. I’m glad I did too.

I made a butternut squash soup as well and had a small dish of it (peel the squash, cut and scooped seeds, diced it, boiled it in water with some fat free chicken broth, spices and pureed it.). And a salad topped with all the goods! Delicious!


Snack 9:30 pm

My friend had sent me a picture of her little peach trifle, it looked so amazing that I had to make one! She got the idea from the blog A Home With Purpose I was not fully convinced that the cake recipe on her blog was E or FP (with both the 1 tsp CO and coconut flour) so I decided just to use the amazing Shortcake recipe that you have seen numerous times. I know for sure it is FP and I love it! So lets make it an E!


My friend and I decided that for our 3rd FC week we would try dairy free, well for me that basically meant no more Greek yogurt because a few times the only thing I had on hand was cottage cheese, so I wasn’t completely dairy free.

Anyway, this being the last time I was going to eat this precious Greek Yogurt for the rest of the next week I thought I would fill up!! Don’t these look delightful? Let me just tell you, THEY WERE and you want to go make one right now!IMG_6458

Peaches, blueberries, shortcake and Greek Yogurt, my taste buds are dancing!

What a great end to an great week! God is so good!

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Brownie Muffin in a Mug – Deep S

Okay, so I have not been able to find a muffin/cake in a bowl/mug that tastes like a brownie. I thought it was high time for me to do some searching. Though I never found any one recipe in particular, I took components of what I found and of the two recipes in the THM book (page 256 & 258) and made my own version of a brownie! Wahooo for creating recipes. This can be used for Deep S!!

Deep S Brownie recipe:

  • 1 eggIMG_6023
  • 1 tsp melted butter
  • 2 tsp unsweetened almond milk
  • Splash of vanilla
  • 2 1/2 tsp THM Sweet Blend
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp oat fiber
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder

IMG_6054 Mix all ingredients and microwave for 50 seconds – 1 minute. I do about 56 seconds. Don’t over do!! You want it to be moist. So when you take it out and the center is still a bit wet looking mix it all up so you have a moist brownie mixture. Nothing worse than a dry brownie 🙂

NOTE: Since first writing this post I was tested as being sensitive to pasteurized dairy…so I have been trying dairy free options. SO, with the above recipe I substituted the butter for 1 tsp coconut oil, and added a touch of butter flavoured extract — ALSO you can add a touch of caramel extract and it tastes amazing! I have also added another tbsp of oat fiber and it has the same great taste with more substance!


IMG_6026Sometimes I enjoy this brownie with a custard recipe made by Briana Thomas, here. I really enjoy this custard. The brownie and the custard made a wonderful blend. Another fabulous option would be the THM Tummy Tucking Ice-cream on page 368 of the THM book.


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3 Things YOU Need to Start THM


I’m an “all in” kind of guy.

I like to go full out when I do things and once I jump in, the only option is to swim! Can you relate? Here’s another tidbit about me: I love being prepared for something. We’ve all been in that kind of situation: you are camping and someone asks for some obscure tool (say a tire patch kit). It brings me great pleasure to be “that guy” who responds “yeah, I got what you need!”

What about trying THM? Have you had a few rough starts? I remember one year ago (when I was 35lbs heavier), being frustrated because of all the restrictive diets out there. I even tried an apple cleanse (don’t ask me how I got the idea…definitely don’t ask for the detailed results!); talk about restrictive! Apples and apple juice for 3 days straight! I assure you that while there are certain retrictions with THM, it is all about having the freedom to still enjoy great tastes!  The key to you (and your loved ones) being successful with THM is being prepared! In this post, I’m going to try to help you with just that in 3 alliterated points (as seems to be my way of writing!)

1. You need Reliable Resources: We have found that the THM book is an essential resource in trying the “plan” successfully. This seems like it should be pretty obvious. The book has all of the research and rationale that makes the “plan” what it is: a healthy way to enjoy great food that makes sense and is based on the Bible. Now, I know the book is really thick and daunting to attempt to even begin reading. If you are having trouble getting started or grasping the main ideas in the book, I suggest reading my post THM Review in 3 Points. You can buy the book a bunch of different places (we sell it in our secure online store but you can purchase it on multiple online stores). In addition to having the book, use the online resources available to you. This site for example is free and the reason we have it is to share THM knowledge, experiences and products with our readers! It has lots of examples of meals and substitutes and we try to add to it often to keep in relevant and current – it even has examples of things that are foreign to the new THM’rs like “fuel cycle” and interesting facts about stevia!

2. You need Satisfying Substitutes: I’ve always said that there is no point “white-knuckling” your way through a diet, only to end up on a binge of unhealthy foods when you finally give in! My brother has a different attitude (he has lost 30 lbs on THM as well): he says “if it looks like sin, it is sin! Likewise, if it tastes sweet, it is bad!” – for this reason, he abstains from sweets and any substitutes for sweet things (which is completely unnecessary). I think this is crazy so I send him pictures like this birthday cake Ruth made for me just to get him going! I am sure his mouth waters and his stomach grumbles when he sees the snacks I have the freedom to eat on THM. IMG_1216The bottom line is that you need substitutes; something to satisfy your cravings for donuts, pasta, pizza, etc. The problem with many of these substitutes is that you need special products you may not be able to pick up at your local grocery store. Ruth and I have found that the THM products such as pure stevia extract, peanut flour, oat fiber, sweet blend, protein powder and glucomanan are top quality and are reasonably priced (again you can buy these on our secure online store or from your local THM reseller). There are tons of recipes out there for you to try that are low calorie and sugar free! (Disclaimer: not all of the recipes that we have tried have been smashing successes! You will need to experiment a little to get the flavors “dialed in”). I often find myself saying “this is far too delicious to actually be healthy!” Has this ever happened to anyone else?

3. You need Positive Peers: It goes without saying that you need to be committed to trying the plan. In addition to your own commitment, you need to surround yourself with people who are going to support you. In my experience, there was plenty of support between Ruth and me; I am the perpetual optimist and was ready for a lifestyle change; she wanted to try THM – so it worked! however, I have 4 brothers. When my manly-man brothers started asking how I was dropping weight, their responses to my answer were always said the same way: “Trim healthy what?” or “Are you still doing the woman’s dieting thing?” or “Trim healthy Scotty Mommy”, etc. Trust me, I’ve heard it all! I can’t imagine that Ruth or I would have been successful with sticking to THM if it wasn’t for our mutual support. I think the men are most likely to resist the plan even though they can benefit the most from it. Fellas, in the end, the data speaks for itself! Trim Healthy Mama works – there’s no arguing that! Don’t be scared to try it just because there is “Mama” in the name. Do your wife/kids/girlfriend, etc a huge favor and show your support by jumping into THM together with an open mind and a positive attitude! Look for other people trying THM; get your friends involved; join a Facebook group; you can even send us messages or questions! The key is getting connected with people who will be supportive of your decision and mission!

Well, that’s it! So now that you know what you need, its time to take action! Time to gather up everything you need, and jump in both feet! Don’t forget to click “like” and/or “share” below and feel free to comment on this post! I’d love to hear from you! Happy THM’ing!

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‘Mayo’ – FP

I’m not quite sure you can call this mayo but I needed a mayo option for the E day’s of the Fuel Cycle. I wanted to have tuna as a lean protein source, but I needed to bind it with something that would be suitable as a safe E option. I didn’t want to go over the 5g of fat so I wanted something that I could also use for FP. My brain crank got to working and I thought of an idea. I’m not sure if this has been done before or not but it was new to me so off I set to make it happen!

So what goes into this concoction? It’s extremely easy to make with only two ingredients, three if you include the spices…

  • Red Pepper (or pepper of choice)
  • 1 Wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese
  • Spices (salt, pepper, cumin, thyme, paprika, cayenne, etc)

If you have these ingredients you can get started! Stick the peppers in a blender, season them well…

Pretty easy! Then set the blender going and blend until smooth. I heated the laughing cow wedge a couple seconds in the microwave before adding it to the peppers.

And Voila!! Use this creamy ‘mayo’ sauce to coat your IMG_6347tuna before placing it on your Wasa cracker, you can add it to your salad, Ezekiel bread sandwich, pita wrap, whatever it is you so desire carb-wise if it’s for an E setting. But remember this can be used in S, E or FP. Has a great creaminess from adding the laughing cow cheese. If seasoned well this is a great sauce/’mayo’ to use on anything. You could even use it as a salad dressing if you water it down a bit and maybe add some other things.
IMG_6359 IMG_6252 IMG_6362

So many ways you can turn your meal into a delicious dish. It doesn’t even have to be used with tune. Mix it with Chicken, pour it over a casserole, mix it with veggies, etc. You name the savory dish and this sauce would probably taste great on it!




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Oat Fiber Shortcake – FP

There are so many sweet pleasures God has given us to enjoy in this lifetime: family, friends, spring flowers blooming, the colours of the sky, birds chirping (if you’re a morning person), picnics, a breeze on a warm day, coffee, stevia, to name only a few of the many things we have to be thankful for…but one other pleasure I discovered while I was on my THM Fuel Cycle was a recipe for shortcake! Let me tell you, was it ever a delightful find!


Now, doesn’t that just look like a pleasure! I assure you it was. I can not take credit for this amazing creation, all credit goes to Karen’s. The recipe is on her blog, The Fruit of Her Hands. Thank you Karen!

The original recipe calls for 2-3 tsp Truvia.
I used THM Sweet Blend and put in about 2 1/2 tsp of Sweet Blend. If you find the cake is bland to your taste then tweak it, there is nothing wrong with tweaking a recipe to your personal taste. In fact, I would strongly encourage it! Make your food taste good to you. Some may think it’s flavourless, well add some cinnamon, add more sweetener, add more vanilla, add chocolate, you name it. Don’t just let something be bland…be creative 🙂

The suggested microwave time is 1 min 30 secs; however, I have had to microwave it for 2-3 mins to make sure the center is cooked through. Maybe that is just because of the glass square I have been using. Either way it still tastes great. If some parts come out uncooked I just cut off the cooked and stick the rest back in the microwave for a few seconds.
IMG_6129You can see here that the center was a tad under cooked so I stuck it back in for a few more seconds. No big deal though. Once it’s all cooked and covered with your favorite toppings…you’re all set to indulge in this delightful, heart-warming cake. You could even serve it to guests as a dessert option!
There are many things you can do with this cake. What are your favorite flavours? Vanilla, Chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, you name it you can create it!

The first time I had made the cake I was on FP day of the Fuel Cycle. I had made the Big Boy Smoothie, page 242 of the THM book. Which as a side note is amazing as well! Anyway, I had made this smoothie and wanted to keep the meal as FP as possible. So without adding too many extra strawberries I just poured some of the smoothie over the cubed shortcake. It turned out rather delicious! I bet you could even make a delicious truffle out of this shortcake. If you made a large pan of it and baked it in the oven as per Karen’s instructions you’d be all set. I’m prettyIMG_6136 sure you will enjoy this shortcake just as much as I have enjoyed it. I don’t even know if I could count how many times I have made and eaten this shortcake since my first discovery. It made it’s appearance quite often. Of course I had to share the delight with my husband too.

Another option is to use Greek Yogurt. This is probably my favorite of all, though I haven’t tried Greek Yogurt with Peanut flour over the cake yet yet so that could end up being my favorite. Either way, this became a beautiful layered cake.IMG_6150IMG_6154 IMG_6156

There is just so much goodness on one plate here. I am thankful that signs of spring are showing here in Sarnia. Why? Fresh strawberries and other berries make my mouth water and these things remind me that summer is just around the corner! God is good!

Later in the evening, I had to make sure my husband understood my love for this cake. I set out to make us a special dessert 🙂 This recipe is super great as you can cut through it no problem and it holds together like pound cake….although my husband said you could call it ‘pound-less’ cake. There is literally zero carbs and zero fat. The beauty of Oat Fiber and egg whites!IMG_2066IMG_6186

With or without an extra layer of Greek Yogurt, you will get the same great taste. You just want to be careful that you don’t have to much Greek Yogurt/strawberries that you go into E setting if you are just wanting it to be Fuel Pull. However, you can make this shortcake an S or E depending on what you put on it.

Now, any chocolate lovers out there?? I suggest you get to whipping up a batch of Pearl and Serene’s Choco Pudding, page 366 in your THM book. I have also made this pudding the vanilla version and it is fantastic!! Vanilla is another great option for topping this cake. However, I decided to try this cake topped with chocolate. I have a friend, Michelle, who loves her chocolate so why not make her drool 😉 With a little sprinkle of peanut flour on the top. Goodness, the options that are flowing through my mind right now. Imagine the vanilla pudding with a swirl of peanut flour, or sweetened Greek Yogurt with Peanut Flour, or the amazing caramel sauce from Carolyn’s blog, All Day I Dream About Food with ice-cream on top! Or even adding chocolate to the cake, for a chocolate shortcake!! Ahhh, I have to stop, I am making myself drool. Something to ponder while you sit here thinking about it yourself. What other toppings could you create to make this shortcake a real treat and NOT a cheat. Love it!!IMG_6265



The last time I made it I reverted back to using the strawberries…though there are so many options out there I just love the freshness of the berry. Here is how Karen’s recipe looked as she shows the cake diced. This is what would make it such a great option for making a truffle for a get together. No one would even suspect that it has no sugar and that it is not hindering their waistline 🙂

Once the cake is cooked, slice and dice it into cubes. Mix Greek Yogurt, vanilla and sweetener to taste, add your strawberries (thawed frozen or fresh) and mix. Then pour it over the beautiful shortcake cubes…and you have got yourself a fine, fine snack or meal. I add a small protein shake to round it off as a meal but it is great as just a snack!


I strongly encourage you to take this wonderful recipe by Karen, found on her blog, Fruit of Her Hand, make it and eat it and share it with your friends. It is delicious!!!

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Fuel Cycle Week 1

Welcome to the first week of Fuel Cycle! I am so thankful a friend of mine, Michelle, invited me to do the fuel cycle with her. Sometimes the thought of 2-3 weeks of a fuel cycle is daunting if you have no one to share it with. She has been great for exchanging ideas and accountability. We take photo’s of our 3 hr snack/meal and text them to each other. This helps me to stay on plan and she gives me great ideas for other meals I can incorporate into my Fuel Cycle week.

I love to get ideas from recipes BUT having a picture to go along with it is so much better! So I thought I would share my food journal with you so you can see what I have been eating daily for this first FC week. There will be repetition I am sure but great taste!!

I am not an early morning eater, I get myself prepared for the day before sitting down for breakfast. If you like to eat early in the morning then you may have to insert an extra snack between breakfast and lunch.

Day 1 – Deep S

Breakfast 9am


Though I would like to say that I kicked off the three days of Deep S with a breakfast of BACON and eggs, I didn’t. I did a smoothie blend of the Fat Stripping Frappa page 240 in the THM book and the Basic Whey Smoothie on page 243. I added the 1 tbsp of Coconut oil and added the optional egg yolk. Along with the smoothie I had a coffee the Trimmaccino way. It was a lot of liquid but delicious 🙂


Lunch 12 pm

I decided that for this meal I would have my eggs over-easy. For a side dish I used up some left over ground beef which had Brussels Sprouts, zucchini, red pepper, and mushroom mixed in – seasoned well! And to drink…the wonderful, marvelous, delightful singing canary!


Snack 3pm

I did a bit of digging around on the internet for this one. For the fuel cycle they suggest that you have nothing that contains nuts or seeds so I can’t do the quick Muffin in a Mug page 256 of the THM book. After some searching I found something new that I wanted to try! You can find more about this new recipe in another blog post that gives more detail on how I went about making it. It came from Briana Thomas’ blog and the recipe is called Hot Custard. She made it for her Fuel Cycle so I thought I would give it a shot! I remember my Nan used to always make us jello and custard for dessert when we went to her house. It’s a wonderful memory I have of my Nan.

IMG_5991After getting the custard made I put it in a container annnnd…a (6)

….took it to work for my 3pm snack time! It was great! Such a wonderful find.


Dinner 7:30pm

It was a Friday….and my husband wanted to take me out for dinner…and I was not about to say no to dinner out with my amazing husband. So I agreed. We had been given 2 gift cards for Applebee’s. Though we are Canadian we live 5 mins from the States and take trips across every now and then. We were able to use our gift cards! I did the best I could with the menu I was given. We were a little late getting around to eating but that’s okay.

a (7)First (as I looked over the menu with my indecisive personality), I ordered a water with lemon. I love my lemons and dislike when they give you a wedge that you can’t squeeze into your water :). But they were great and I got a wonderful lemon slice! Then a garden salad, no croutons with oil and vinegar on the side for dressing. They were very friendly and I had a wonderful salad topped with oil and vinegar. (I asked for Olive oil and I hope that’s what I got). Either way it was delicious! I wasn’t sure if they allowed tomato and cheese serving on Deep S days (and I didn’t have my book to check) so I gave them to my husband 🙂

a (1)Next up was the main course, and it was steak for me!! I was hungry and was almost finished my steak before I thought of taking a picture, so you’re lucky I even got a photo of it!! I requested a side of broccoli vs. having rice, potato or fries. I am getting better at not giving into the temptation! Again, I wasn’t sure of the serving amount of onion that is okay for Deep S so I just ate the mushrooms and left the onion.
As you can see there was some sauce. I’m not sure what it was made of but it was super delicious so I did have some of that with each bite. I wasn’t too worried. You have to live balanced and not too extreme so hooray for sauce! I tell you, the meal was satisfying and delicious. I did the best I could do with what I was given.

Snack 10:30pm

Okay, i’ll be honest…I don’t normally have a snack this late at night. However, I was quite hungry by the time 10:30 came around. My husband was out playing hockey with friends and I was waiting up…so I cooked myself some beef and zucchini! Why not, it fit Deep S and it filled my tummy! It was quite tasty too I might add 🙂IMG_6000Day 2 – Deep S

Breakfast 9am

IMG_6003Can you tell….I LIKE BEEF. Yes I do! So of course for breakfast, a change from a smoothie or fried eggs I choose scrambled eggs. I fried the eggs in Red Palm oil and added a bit of extra egg white from the carton. The seasoned beef was left over so I heated it up in a pan. And can’t forget the amazing trimmaccino!

Lunch 12am

I definitely utilize the beef farms during my S days. I bet you’d be able to guess my meal! Cabbage and BEEF, you got it! But oh so delicious. It doesn’t take much to make me happy in terms of food. God has blessed and I am thankful! I created a concoction of sorts for a coleslaw. I knew mayo wasn’t on the Deep S “can” list so I used oil, vinegar, spices, cilantro, almond milk, and so on. It wasn’t horrible though my husband did ask if it was wasabi….lol that might be saying something. But I could eat it no problem, maybe a few tweaks next time.IMG_6010


Snack 3pm

Okay, so I have not been able to find a muffin/cake in a bowl/mug that tastes like a brownie. I thought it was high time for me to do some searching. Though I never found any one recipe in particular, I took components of what I found and of the two recipes in the THM book (page 256 & 258) and made my own version of a brownie! Wahooo for creating recipes. This can be used for Deep S!!

Deep S Brownie recipe:

  • 1 eggIMG_6023
  • 1 tsp melted butter
  • 2 tsp unsweetened almond milk
  • Splash of vanilla
  • 2 1/2 tsp THM Sweet Blend
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp oat fiber
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder

Mix all ingredients and microwave for 50 seconds – 1 minute. Don’t over do!! You want it to be moist. So when you take it out and the center is still a bit wet looking mix it all up so you have a moist brownie mixture. Nothing worse than a dry brownie 🙂
IMG_6026Along with the brownie I made more custard! I really enjoy the custard. We were invited out to a friend’s for our evening meal so I knew that while everyone else was having a decadent sugar-full dessert I would want something of my own…so I only ate half the brownie and half of the custard mix and saved the rest for later. It was a fabulous mixture of flavours!


Dinner 6:30/7 pm

So, when you are out for dinner what do you do? You don’t have to be rude, you don’t have to stand out, you don’t have to be a food snob. Take what is there that you know is on plan. If food is forced on you, you can politely refuse it or take it and be on plan in 3 hours. Don’t let food become so much of an idol that you are scared to eat off plan once in a while. However, because I was on the cycle and I wanted to do my best to stay on plan I politely passed over the food I wasn’t going to eat (ie. potatoes, dressing ladened salad, juice) and opted for a heaping spoon full of the veggies I offered to bring and the meat that was prepared by our host.
IMG_2028I took a quick photo of the food but I was mostly finished my plate before I thought to be sneaky like that. The food was delicious. For dessert you have no idea…my husband went off-plan for the amazing looking Oreo dessert and a butterscotch dessert. But with the help of my good partner Michelle I stayed strong and did not
give into the temptation 🙂 I had
brought a dessert (the half brownie and custard left over) and was able to eat it on the side to satisfy my sweet tooth. All was great! Even when the desserts came out a SECOND time later that evening. I should have taken a photo of the amazing looking dessert so you could see exactly what I was turning down.

Either way it was an amazing evening with amazing friends and I am so thankful to God for their kindness and hospitality.

Day 3 – Deep S

Breakfast 9am

Another bright sun-shiny day here in Sarnia, with maybe a touch of snow on the ground. A good day for some boiled eggs and a Trimmaccino. Always a welcome change to the fried and scrambled eggs. It just amazes me the diversity of God’s food. He is good to us! A simple quick breakfast. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and away you go! Those eggs were boiled for about 9 mins to get them to hard boiled (that’s from the time we put them in boiled water till it came to a boil again and we took them out) If you like soft the obvious is to boil for a less amount of time 🙂

Lunch 1:30pm

I am super excited to share this lunch with you!! Okay, so back in my non-THM days I IMG_2033used to love using canned mushroom soup in recipes. I especially like my mother’s beef stroganoff. Well, I found a way to make a delicious mushroom soup mix to create beef stroganoff!! How awesome 🙂 I have written a separate post on the making of the sauce and the beef stroganoff here but for now you can see the result and I tell you was it ever delightful and satisfied my craving! That creamy sauce and beef over the delectable spaghettified Zucchini. The coleslaw is left over from yesterday’s lunch. Oh so satisfying and I am sure you will also enjoy it!

Snack 5pm

Don’t mind the timing of my meals today. Sunday’s are a busy day! I work around our church schedule that’s why the timing is a bit odd. It works though!

I decided to have a late snack, since we have a Gospel service later in the evening. We IMG_6049usually eat supper once we get home in the evening. For a snack I had another helping of my brownie in a bowl, as per recipe noted above. My friend Michelle kept sending me photos of her Hot Chocolate Trimmaccino so I had to make one for myself (and Scott) before my Deep S day’s were over. It always looked so delicious! And let me tell you, is it ever amazing! No need for powdered hot chocolate when you have this as an option! Of course I had to make one for my husband and he loved it as well!

IMG_6058Dinner 8:30/9 

IMG_6063I had some Kale so I let it marinade for the hour or 2 we were away so that it would soften a bit. I made a oil & vinegar dressing with spices and some lemon juice. I also fried a piece of Salmon with green beans, mushrooms and zucchini fried for a side dish. To drink I had a peppermint tea.

Day 4 – Fuel Pull

Breakfast 9am

The night before I had made this for breakfast, so it was quick to pull out and eat in the morning. Breakfast was the Chia Tapioca Pudding, page 234 in the Trim Healthy Mama Book. I really enjoy this simple little concoction. Along with a peppermint tea, it was a good start to my day.

Lunch 12pm

Again, I had put this lunch together the night before as per the recipe. It was the Cookie Bowl Oatmeal, page 232 in the Trim Healthy Mama book. Nothing like a big bowl of chocolate! And of course a coffee on the side.IMG_2041

Snack 3pm

If you have never made the Mouth Watering Meringues on page 370 of the Trim Healthy IMG_6118Mama book, then you are missing out on delightfulness! I really enjoy these, it doesn’t tell you what the serving size is but there would hardly be any carbs or fats so I would say eat away!!
I brought some of these wonderful creations to work for my 3pm snack. YUM!

Dinner 6:30pm

All I can say about this recipe is that if you have not yet tried it you must try it tonight!! Pearl and Serene are just amazing. First, turn to page 341 in your Trim Healthy Mama book and you will find the recipe for Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
A glass of homemade lemonade (Water, lemon juice to taste, stevia). You’re all set for a delicious dinner!

Snack 9:15 pm

Scott and I enjoy going out for coffee dates and we don’t let THM or Fuel Cycle get in the way of our enjoyment of life downtown. So, what better to bring that the leftover Mouth Watering Meringues and coffee. Life is great!IMG_2049 And Snuck a little snap shot of Scott devouring cookies and coffee….something he loves to do 🙂

Day 5 – Fuel Pull

Breakfast 9am

IMG_2059Today I discovered something that I think has become an ultimate favorite of mine. I am so excited that I stumbled across it and I am super excited to share it with you. I will amaze you and your taste buds! Other photos and where I found the recipe can be found HERE. However, here I will just show you the breakfast picture. It is half of a easy peasy FP shortcake with a few strawberries mixed with vanilla, stevia and Greek Yogurt over top. Simply delightful!! I also have a side of the Big Boy Smoothie, page 242 of the Trim Healthy Mama book.

Lunch 12pm

For lunch I had left IMG_2061over Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir fry, page 341 in the Trim Healthy Mama book. I was at work and must have been very hungry because I didn’t manage to get a picture of it until I had demolished it!! So, there you have it an empty bowl. I can definitely and safely tell you that it was just as delicious as it was last night!

Snack 3:10pm

Were my taste buds deceiving me? I had to check. Out came the shortcake recipe again, I had to try it once more to make sure that my taste buds didn’t trick me and that I was being truthful about how delicious it is! I can assure you that no tricks were played and I was not deceived. This shortcake is amazing!! Along with leftover Big Boy Smoothie, page 242 in the THM book.IMG_6149

Dinner 6pm

On the menu for dinner is the Creamless Creamy Veggies, page 352 of the THM book. I really love this recipe. It is so easy and tastes very good! I cooked some cabbage and broccoli and had my 3oz chicken with the delectable sauce. Make sure you season the sauce well! Nobody wants a bland meal :). Fill up on those veggies!




Dessert/Snack 9pm

Okay, so you may think I am a tab obsessed… and admittedly I probably am. When you eat the same type of food three times in one day I think you can call that person obsessed. Let me tell/show you once more how amazing the short cake was…..
Yes, and i’m not going to lie, I did put more strawberry Greek yogurt on top. I split the recipe in half so I could introduce my husband to this amazing creation! And no I can hardly wait until the Fuel Pull days next week! Although, you can make the cake either FP, S or E, How amazing! It is just that!

Day 5 – Refuel E

Breakfast 9am

I really love my Oatmeal and I cold hardly wait for this breakfast to come! Oh so delightful to wake up and have me some porridge! As per Pearl and Serene’s suggestion I soak my oatmeal overnight with ACV and a pinch of salt. I don’t drain the water in the morning. I have actually got used to the touch of ACV flavour and quite like it now! I add a couple tsp of THM Protein Powder, frozen Blueberries and Mango (they thaw in the hot porridge). I also like a side of Greek Yogurt for lean protein and of course a coffee!

Lunch 12pm

I had some leftover Creamless Creamy Veggies, page 352 in the THM book so I turned it into an E setting by adding tomatoes, salsa and Quinoa. I had a cup of tea to go with it.

IMG_6198A very delicious dish for a quick lunch. Sometimes I cook a large amount of qinuoa and put 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa in little snack bags and freeze them. This makes it easy to take one out and thaw it for any meal you wish to have quinoa with.

Snack 3pm

Today for snack I was at my friend Michelle’s (we are doing the Fuel cycle together) and she served me the most amazing treat!! She is a wonderful friend and an amazing baker!! She decided to go with a Fuel Pull snack, which was certainly okay by me!! I find the E days can get a bit heavy after a while. Anyway…out came the treats!! She had two kinds and if you know me I can be indecisive especially when it comes to food. In her kindness she gave me a bit of each! Before I could get a picture I somehow have eaten it all. So she pulled out full servings so I could get a picture to share with you.

Dinner 6:15 pm

There is one thing I often crave and that is toast, the crunchiness of it…and thankfully there is such thing as sprouted Ezekiel Bread that is okay for an E meal. One of my favorite things to do with Ezekiel bread is to take a rolling pin and flatten the bread as much as I can (more surface area!). I put less than a tsp of butter on the 2 slices and broil it in the oven until it is brown and crispy. Once it comes out I sprinkle it with a Cinnamon/Sweet Blend mixture and voila you have cinnamon toast!! Of course don’t forget your lean protein. I like to add a bit of THM protein powder to my Greek Yogurt and add vanilla and sweetener. YUM!IMG_6213

Snack 9:45pm

IMG_6193I know it’s late but I was hungry. I decided to eat the Roasted Crispy Garbanzos, page 397 in the THM book. I had made them earlier in the day. They are another one of my favorite snacks. I also snatched a bit of leftovers from lunch. SO it was garbanzo beans and small amount of quinoa veggy mixIMG_6214

Day 6 – Refuel E

Breakfast 9am

I decided to try a new recipe from the book today, Warming Quinoa Porridge, page 227 in the THM book. It was really really good! I was surprised I enjoyed it seeing as for the most part I eat my quinoa savory. I sprinkled in some blueberries and had half an apple. Also, a side of Greek Yogurt with a little THM Protein, vanilla and sweetener added. Delish!IMG_2076a

Lunch 12:30pm

DISCOVERY. I wanted to eat tuna, but mayo is off for this E meal day….what should I do? What would taste great and hold the tuna together. I got to thinking and found an E friendlyIMG_6250 ‘mayo’ you can find the recipe and details HERE. Once I created the mix I added the tuna. Out came 4 Wasa crackers topped with salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, peppers and the tuna mixture. Let me tell you, this was so good!! Fresh and delicious tasting. I had a side drink of a lemonade slushy. Loving the bright colours!

Snack 3:30pm

I still have an obsession with that shortcake but I decided to take a different approach. The chocolate approach. I wasn’t let down with the change either! The Cake itself was a Fuel Pull snack but I added half a container of Triple Zero Greek Yogurt so I am hoping it added up to an E snack but if it didn’t oh well, FP is okay! 

Dinner 7:00pm

One of my favorite meals and a great comfort food is Spaghetti! Well, welcome to THM friendly spaghetti, it makes me happy! Tomato Sauce with 99% lean ground turkey over a bed of spaghetti squash with 2 slices of Ezekiel bread toasted. I didn’t put butter on my toast and it was still great!! My husband, on the other hand, loves his butter. YUM dinner!IMG_6278

Snack 10pm


We had a late dinner so I didn’t have a snack tonight, just a warm cup of peppermint tea to take me through the night. It was wonderful.

We have come to the end of the first Fuel Cycle week and I would say SUCCESS. I will be posting the second Fuel Cycle week soon. It was a bit more complicated as I was travelling to Toronto for a large conference where meals are provided. I will explain more in the next post but a Fuel Cycle can be done even when away from home, just takes a bit more strategy.

Thank you for reading through. Please feel free share this with your friends on Facebook or with anyone you think would be interested. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them! Happy Fuel Cycling to you! See you soon.

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